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Ideologies, fiction, motifs & human language.
Ideologies, fiction, motifs & human language.

Ok, here is the truth of reality. There is only the natural world. When we communicate as a species, ultimately we are expressing ourselves in everything we do. "Good vs evil" are reflections of our desires. We express them in everything.

We find it good when we gain, and we find it evil when we are threatened. Our flaw when we do this psychologically is that we don't have enough understanding of our species evolution.

We evolved to seek patterns, and we cooperate to replicate our success. We invent all sorts of constructs to justify seeking those patterns. The downside to this is our ignorance that while replicating those memes, we don't see that it creates the downside of our evolution. It leads us to compete at the expense of the outsider. The truth of evolution is that BOTH compassion and force work.

"Good vs evil" is merely our evolutionary expression of our desire to thrive vs our desire to defeat threats against us. Everything we do as far as language in religion, in political party, in business models, and in fiction, are all reflections of our own evolution.

Now, again, this is not a call to end our differences, or a call to a one world government. But a challenge to put our long term existence as being common for the entire species. We have to grow to understand more in natural terms why we do what we do as a species, and how our perceptions can lead us to false conclusions.

It is a call to be willing to look outside your own bias and desires and understand our real place in "all this" is a flicker and all we have is one moment in time and we can only extend it by shifting our priorities away from our local tribes and understand that it is simply about survival.

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