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Why G0D exist lol!
Why G0D exist lol!
here's 10 reason why atheism doens't exist

1) if atheism is real, how can water boil at exactly 100˚ fahrenheit and freeze at exactly 0˚ celsius?

2) global warming doesn't exist, because "global" means around the world, right? well right now it is snowing in some parts of the earth

3) evolution isn't real because if you look up "science" in the dictionary it says nothing about evolution

4) the quran is an arabic translation of the bible (which is real btw)

5) einstein didn't invent gravity, because gravity already existed for thousands of years

6) oxygen is actually poison because everyone who breathes it in eventually dies

7) all evolution videos on youtube are fake because youtube didn't exist back then

8) God made the earth in 7 days and the bible predicted that 7 days would be a week. as of right now, 7 days is a week

9) atheists have a lower IQ than creationists because the creationists are obviously pretending to have a low IQ

10) if heaven doesn't exist, where does lightning come from?

so yeah, god is real then

Please excuse my sad attempt at humor and wall of text.

(please don't take this seriously. it's a joke. i am not narrow minded)
RE: Why G0D exist lol!
You posted it in the humor section, so I am certain none of us will take it seriously.
RE: Why G0D exist lol!
Sorry, my mistake. I was just scared somebody might've taken this in the wrong way Smile
RE: Why G0D exist lol!
Scientists can't even make dirt.
Lucky god left plenty around or else we'd just be floating in space.
Then what would Dawkins do?
I betcha he wouldn't be drinking tea and talking all la-te-da then. :-)
RE: Why G0D exist lol!
Nice list Smile

You're right, atheism is pretty stupid. I mean, I've tried having sex with a monkey loads of time and it never gives birth to a lizard. I have had some embarrassing trips to A&E though.

On a typical day I get out of bed and God slaps me in the face, follows me downstairs while I have breakfast and then leaves a range of samples in tubs from his divine body on the table before leaving in disgust. I chuck them all in the bin and blank it out. He's going to have to do better than that. I need evidence.
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RE: Why G0D exist lol!
You have no idea how relieved i was to see this under the humor section. I nearly had a fit. But funny though.

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