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Mafia: a sincere apology
Mafia: a sincere apology
First and foremost, I apologize for completely ruining your games.

Obviously, I am not a good candidate for that kind of drama.

Secondly, please forgive me for not being adequate enough to play the game according to standards.

I love you all, and I hope you can understand that I shall not ever join another Mafia game.
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RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
I'm so sorry that you're leaving us. You didn't ruin our game. This game is really hard to get the hang of and even then it's still really hard. I truly enjoyed playing with you. Always unexpected. You kept surprising me the whole time hehe. Maybe you'll change your mind and come play with us sometime.

Love you Kit Heart
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RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
No biggie, man.

For one, you didn't ruin the game.
Two, it really is the forum version of Fight Club. It's a demanding game about trust and deception. It can be taxing, especially if you're new. And, the game isn't for everyone.

We're happy you tried it, and I'm sure you'll be welcomed by all if you ever decide to give it another go.
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RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
Oh Kitan, you didn't ruin the game at all! There is nothing at all to apologize for. It's a demanding game, and I've seen most people feel the pressure at one time or another.

You did fine. Smile I hope you can come to the after game part of the thread when the game ends, and talk about the game. And if not, I really hope this game didn't wreck Mafia or you forever. Not all games are this tense or difficult.

HUGS Big Grin
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RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
Yeah, the postgame breakdown is usually really informative. All remaining characters/roles (if there are any that are still unknown by the end) are revealed, and we talk about what we did and why.
"I was thirsty for everything, but blood wasn't my style" - Live, "Voodoo Lady"
RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
It's a *hard* game particularly for town, and can be gut wrenching.

I watched both your games and you did just fine.
RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
Yeah, I can vouch for that. Every game has its own dynamic. I'm sorry if our butting heads was hard on you too. It's just a game and life's too short. So be happy.
RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
Why do you think you ruined the game? If anything, I loved your play the most. And in the current game if you have to blame someone, I am the one who most likely screwed up town.

Please don't quit the game. If you want, start again with one of the newbie-games that kitty does from time to time. They are a lot less stressful. And once you are ready for insanity, try one of my games Big Grin
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RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
It happens, Kit. That was a particularly intense game, but at the end of the day, that's what makes it good. Wtw and I both kinda lost it too lol. You should definitely consider giving it another try, we'd love to have you back!
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RE: Mafia: a sincere apology
(October 5, 2015 at 12:56 am)Aoi Magi Wrote: I loved your play the most.

We're standing right here... Sad

"I was thirsty for everything, but blood wasn't my style" - Live, "Voodoo Lady"

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