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Poll: The Most Boring Sports?
This poll is closed.
0 0%
5 14.71%
12 35.29%
Formula 1
8 23.53%
1 2.94%
Horse Riding
1 2.94%
3 8.82%
4 11.76%
0 0%
0 0%
Total 34 vote(s) 100%
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The most boring Sport?
The most boring Sport?
What do you think out of these above is the most boring Sport?

I think the most boring sport is Cricket zzz
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RE: The most boring Sport?
I hope this is one of those European polls where football = soccer.

Big Grin
RE: The most boring Sport?
Is formula 1 even a sport, I mean you just sit and steer.

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RE: The most boring Sport?
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RE: The most boring Sport?
I was tempted to go for golf, but ended up voting for F1. Cars going round and round and round and round....

Darts and snooker are also excruciatingly dull, but may not count as sports.
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RE: The most boring Sport?
Sport is meant to be played by everyone, not watched by the majority simply because they’re less skilled at it.

Playing cricket for example can be exhilarating, but watching someone else play it is akin to sorting out your tax rebate - mind-numbingly tedious.
RE: The most boring Sport?
I voted for golf. It is both boring to play and boring to watch.
RE: The most boring Sport?
Can't believe F1 is winning in the votes. I mean, accidents are good shock/horror entertainment value.

Cricket has to the most boring of all listed (Shame you missed the 'American' sports such as Baseball and American Football - gods! What a waste of time those are). The only thing that can make a cricket game entertaining is the obligatory test match streaker.... although these days streakers would possibly get arrested put on the sex offenders register so presume that even this form of entertainment is now on the wane.
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RE: The most boring Sport?
I know, maybe NASCAR or circle track racing, but F1 cars are like harrier jets. I don't like to watch, but I am also surprised it is leading. Golf is wholly a waste of time. It is not a sport, there is no chance of you getting hurt. Cricket is OK in 20/20 matches, but I don't want to watch the Pakistani team eat lunch on day 3. Curling is where it's at. Yeah, American Baseball is pretty bad too, a sport where they snack while they play.

What about the sports so obscure they don't get a mention, like Frolf and Speed Walking?
RE: The most boring Sport?
(June 15, 2010 at 1:09 pm)downbeatplumb Wrote: Is formula 1 even a sport, I mean you just sit and steer.

Yeah, It is a sport downbeatplumb.
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