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What are you all playing right now?
RE: What are you all playing right now?
I played PC Scrabble for a couple of hours this afternoon. It's my favorite game.
RE: What are you all playing right now?
Breath of the wild on switch.
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RE: What are you all playing right now?
Dragon Quest Builders 2. It's more fun that it has any right to be.
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RE: What are you all playing right now?
I've been playing a whole lot of Switch games lately. BOTW, Mario Odyssey, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Doom, Wolfenstein II, Fast RMX, Mario Maker, and a few other decent ones.
RE: What are you all playing right now?
Im playing Batman:Arkham Knight
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RE: What are you all playing right now?
Resident Evil Bio Hazard in VR

Play it in a diaper because you will sh*t yourself.
RE: What are you all playing right now?
Recently ive got back into Project Cars 2 on my G27 logitech steering wheel
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RE: What are you all playing right now?
"The Outer Worlds", working on the last of the possible endings.
RE: What are you all playing right now?
I am playing
dead space
candy crush
angry birds space
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RE: What are you all playing right now?
(June 15, 2019 at 9:27 pm)Gwaithmir Wrote: I played PC Scrabble for a couple of hours this afternoon. It's my favorite game.

Hardcore gamer here! Tongue

I've gotten back into Metal Gear Solid lately. Oh boy, it really is my favorite game series of all time. It's original and innovative, it doesn't try to be anything but Metal Gear and it doesn't give a goddamn about following trends or trying to compete with games of its caliber, mostly because there really is no other series quite like Metal Gear Solid.

In an age of fast-paced first-person shooters and colorful, open-world RPGs where everyone gets to dominate the medieval world of their choosing with exploding arrows and fights on horseback and leveling up their character's agility power and blah blah blah... MGS has stayed true to its origins.

For anyone who doesn't know, Metal Gear Solid is a sort of third-person stealth action-adventure game. The stealth aspect of the game-play is what turns most people off, but honestly, the newest Metal Gear installment is a lot more forgiving for folks who want to run-n-gun.

So seriously, if you want to at least give MGS a chance, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a great place to start, even if you've never played another Metal Gear game before. Chronologically, The Phantom Pain starts off pretty early in the story line (though the earliest chronological installment is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which is my favorite MGS game after The Phantom Pain), and it introduces the most open-world game that we've seen so far in the MGS series. There are some minor RPG to to it, and it's not at all enough to shove it into the RPG category, but it's just enough, in my opinion, to add some fun elements of base development, weapon customization and game-play innovation... the minor RPG elements can actually affect how you behave in future missions and whatnot. That's a bit vague, but you'd have to just start playing to really see what I'm talking about.

You would definitely be a bit lost if you just jumped into The Phantom Pain, but my best piece of advice would be just roll with it. The story will seem overly eccentric and a bit convoluted (it is, LOL Tongue) but I think you'd fall in love with the game-play so much that you'd give the rest a chance.

Anyway, I've blabbed on for long enough. Just check this video out guys, if MGS sounds the least bit interesting to you.

If I remember correctly, this video below is the one that was played at E3 in like 2014 or 15, and it made me, even as someone who was already an MGS fan, go, "Holy shit, this is going to be insanely cool"

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