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Debate, Melbourne, Australia, June 30th
Debate, Melbourne, Australia, June 30th
Hello folks
I will be debating Robert Martin of the City Bible Forum on the topic "The Biblical Account of the Canaanite Genocide was Justified" on the 30th of June. 
The Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church are playing host at 110 Grey St, Melbourne and the event kicks off at 7 pm.
RE: Debate, Melbourne, Australia, June 30th
Facebook event page.
RE: Debate, Melbourne, Australia, June 30th
I recently engaged Robert Martin of Melbourne's City Bible Forum in debate on the ethical merit of the Canaanite genocide. The audio recording has been edited into an episode of my podcast series "The Curate's Egg."

I don't claim to be a hot-shot debater but given the caliber of the arguments ranged in support of genocide I don't think I needed to be. The Christians assuring me I'd given them a lot to think about as we packed up our kit and left the venue was as much as I could have hoped for in lining the event up.

"The Curate's Egg" has been slow to gestate and limited funds and time preclude me making it more than a monthly output effort but I am using the debate and some shiny new theme music as my excuse to get the series available on iTunes and Stitcher and calling it launched.

Previous episodes feature interviews with Meredith Doig, Peter Boghossian, and Kristen Cheney.

The linked blog post gives the background and metadata my limited podcasting budget precluded me from adding to the audio recording, which is, itself, linked to in the blog.


The podcast RSS is:



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