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Handwriting vs. Typing
RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
as for 'lefties', I remain amazed history doesn't record more pogroms against those damned and damnables !!

Even one of my siblings is a leftie, and I am firm in my conviction euthanasia is really the only possible final solution.
the belief that seven nails were used to crucify Jesus Christ; three on Maundy Thursday, and four on Good Friday

RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
I do prefer handwriting, even though my writing is atrocious. Think Helen Keller with Parkinson's, and you'll be somewhere in the ballpark.

I eventually switched, however, to typing for when I'm writing something that needs to be edited. Being able to edit your work without having to rewrite the whole thing is just too much of an advantage. I get a big satisfaction out of writing old school on pen and paper, but editing a digital document makes things so much easier.
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RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
(20th September 2016, 23:58)SteelCurtain Wrote: Do pens have swype? Or emojis?

Just tell me that don't have hypercritical auto correct.
The kind of believing engaged in by most Christians we meet is not neutral, truth seeking believing. It isn't acceptance of the best supported conclusion, not submission to the facts. "True believers" believe heroically, they launch their belief at their chosen target with enthusiasm. While thrusting their belief forward they will brook no but-what-if's. Facts which do not conform are not recognized. 'True' belief is drunk with celebrating certainty, no further quest is required .. only the constant parrying with nay sayers.
RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
This is excellent, thank you! My daughter enjoyed reading this, as a little encouragement for writing class today. Smile
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RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
I print almost everything and have for about 30 years now. The result is that my cursive penmanship has become shaky and tentative in ways it never was when I had to use it regularly for school. Also, the way I form letters in my signature bears no resemblance to how I write them in other contexts. If you saw something I wrote cursively and then signed, you wouldn't necessarily think it was written by the same person. But I suppose that's not unusual with signatures.
RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
(21st September 2016, 00:38)Gemini Wrote: Here's a sample of my handwriting. The script is mine, though it's pretty derivative of tengwar.

[Image: IMG_20160921_002436_zpsrya5jny0.jpg]
Wow!  Are you an artist of any kind?
RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
True story - I have a customer whose husband is a musician who teaches at a local college.  They had some kind of audition where the students are tested on their ability.  The teacher was sitting outside the room where the students got their rankings (or whatever they're called) and one of the students had to ask the customer's husband to read the results because he (the student) couldn't read cursive.   Sad

On the other side . . . my son taught himself - get this - shorthand.  My mom had used it way back in the 1940's and 50's when she worked as a secretary, and I remember her using it to make shopping lists, and, of course, Christmas present lists.  She never had to worry about hiding it.  She would have been thrilled to see my son learning it (she's gone now).  He taught himself from a book he got at the library book sale and used to use it to take notes in graduate school.  

I developed my own handwriting as a result of going in the navy.  I used cursive before that, but in the navy everyone used all capital block print.  So when I got out of the navy I continued, but in time it got "cursivized" into a sort of cursive capital block print.
RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
Back in my sighted days I had beautiful Edwardian script-like handwriting. I used to get offers to be a scribe. The only reason I never took it up was that my writing was slow.
RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
(22nd September 2016, 00:23)Bunburryist Wrote: Wow!  Are you an artist of any kind?

Thank you. Blush Drawing's been a hobby since I was a kid. And a little calligraphy.
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RE: Handwriting vs. Typing
I am left handed. Always in my right mind.

I mix cursive with printing when I actually write. It looks neat. I'll have to take a writing sample and post it here sometime.
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