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Fair trial
Fair trial
The story of the community and the life of human beings on the planet earth begins in history with the husband and wife of Adam and Eve,they had four children were Cain and Aklema then Abel and Azura,after those four children became adults Adam told them the following story,a story which tells about the history of Adam before the birth of those four chlidren,saying that there is an entity Adam knew and met and this entity is named Allah, "a great tribute to him" and this entity told Adam that he is the creator of Adam and all of the other things, Adam told the above noting that he is reassuring it and believe it,then Adam added that this entity taught him several words which expreesses things as names for these things and put him in a theater where the angels were the audience on the basis of that those angels will prostrate to him based on the direct order of Allah,where those angels are under Allah's authority and obeys his command,and there was an angel among Those angels named Lucifer, but this angel was in fact a genie and genies are beings differ from angels where Humans are beings,angels are beings and genies are a third beings and about that Lucifer was an angel that is because he was on the same religion of the angels obeys to Allah and do what he orders him,Lucifer maintained being an angel until Allah's command to the angels to prostrate to Adam,at this time Lucifer protested and compeletly refused and his self told him that Adam is necessarily a bitter enemy to him.
after that scene and after the consequent upon it or little before the end of this consequent,Adam told that he was some day sleeping in the paradise then awoke to find a woman beside him and she told him that she is eve ,his life went happy with eve in the paradise but they found the wind is going in the way which there ship does not like as there was something which distress this happiness that was Lucifer who consider them as his enemies and there was a tree which Allah told Adam and eve to not to eat from and warned them that Lucifer is there enemy and he fights them to displace them from the paradise,Lucifer tryed with many ways to make them eat from the tree,something painful happened to them because of this,they felt regret and Asked Allah to forgive them after a while the command of Allah came to the three to leave the paradise to the planet earth then Adam found himself the father of four children of Eve and now it's the time of there marry at this time the revelation came to Adam from Allah that Adam must espouse the first boy to the second girl and the second boy to the first girl where Eve was giving birth to twins,male and female in a time then male and female in the next time,therefore was on Cain to marry Azura and Abel to marry Aklema but Cain refused flatly and declared a final clear and explicit declaration that he will not marry anyone except Aklema then revelation came from Allah to Adam that Cain and Abel have to submit an oblation and the one who Allah accepts his oblation will be the one who marries Aklema at this time Cain submitted a small oblation,Abel submitted a big oblation and Allah accepted Abel's oblation and refused Cain's oblation but Cain kept on his insistence that he will not marry anyone except Aklema and certainly after Allah accepted of Abel's oblation the matter has become in this society on the basis that Abel will marry Aklema and that Cain will marry Azura and nothing else except Cain's refusal so Cain killed Abel and married Aklema and after he killed him a two crows came fighting and one of them killed the other and entombed him in the ground so Cain knew how to entomb Abel.
Abel was seeing the matter of a corner that it was originally Allah's command so he must obey to what Allah said,thus decided to submit an big oblation but Cain was seeing the matter of a corner that he loves Aklema and she loves him,he wants her to be his wife and she wants him to be her husband so it is not the buisness of anyone either Adam or Allah,about the marriage Cain do have the right to marry Aklema as he is an adult man wants an adult woman to be his wife and she too wants him to be her husband,about the murder there are two things either that Adam insisted on what he wants using the force which is the agreement of Eve,Abel and Azura with him waving the use of violence,in this case was on Cain to call the police to release the captive woman and of course there was no police at the time,or that Adam used the force which is the agreement of Eve,Abel and Azura with him with help of what Allah can so as to implement what he wants,also was on Cain at this time to call the police to release the captive woman and of course there was no police at this time and there is no third probability as what urges Cain to kill Abel if he can take the woman who he wants to marry and she too wants to marry him to their own marital home.
And it is gone through the years to come after that Noah,Despite the fact that Cain killed Abel,but people throughout history are either sons of father Cain and mother Aklema or sons of father Abel and mother Azura,but they are separated between different families as after the death of Abel,one of the novels says Adam and Eve had a son named Seth,who was like Abel and like Adam has the same temperament,a second novel says that Seth was one of Cain's sons or grandchildren,the third novel says that Adam had several sons more than these four, but in general the story is to divide people through history to sons of Cain and Aklema or sons of Abel and Azura as a literary 
Father Noah is the son of Abel and Azura and the son of Adam and Eve the time of Adam and Eve as it is known had died,then as it is known too Noah called out people,everyone has to be a worshiper of Allah this is how God had commanded him to be a worshiper of him,also ordered him to call out people in order to do like him and be worshipers to Allah but the people who were in the city refused to comply with it,leaving Noah to call out for his religion as he likes as they didnot hurt him,only threatened him with stoning if he did not end up inviting them to his religion as there refuse to comply to what he wants is a final refusal,Noah remained inviting them over nine hundred and fifty years and came to him a command from Allah to build a ship and take on board the eighty men and eighty women who followed his religion and to take with him animals,trees and birds etc. on board this ship because Allah decided to sink all of the people,what Allah wanted was either the people comply to what Noah order them or to comply to what Noah order them and what people wanted is that they will not comply to what Noah order them and will not comply to what Noah order them.
And after Noah was the father Abraham,Abraham lived in the city then the message of Allah fall on him to be a prophet and called out people to worship Allah,coincided with the advent of Abraham the advent of Lut and the famous story of the people of Lut where an angel from heaven came to destroy the city of Sodom, the city where those people lives,the people of Sodom,at this time there was a great king in Iraq was king Nimrood,when those news arrived to Nimrood,Abraham's call out and demolition of Sodom,Nimrood outfitted an army and went to the city of Abraham then the servants prepared his divan and the dialogue went on between him and Abraham,that dialogue in which Nimrood asked Abraham about his god,Abraham replied,my god is the one who gives life and causes death,amoung the servants,the soldiers and the entourage there were two prisoners,Nimrood ordered the soliders to kill one of them and to set the other free and returned the dialouage to Abraham saying,and i give life and cause death then Abraham returned the dialouage to him saying,my god brings the sun from the east bring it from the west,a great King was Nimrood,it shouldont done by Abraham to respond to him saying such and if Abraham was careworn by war and this large army headed by Nimrood so those were his answers to him,people in the cities also are careworn by such huge angels that come to destroy an entire city.
And after Abraham was the father of Moses,Moses was of the israelian people,Israelian people were living in sham and the Arabian Peninsula and some of them were immigrants who live in Egypt and after all of that history a prophecy came and interpreted by priests of the Egyptian pharaoh.the king of Egypt at that time says,there is a boy who will be born to the Israelians and the demise of his mastery will be on the hands of this boy then Egyptian pharaoh committed a heinous crime as he ordered the killing of every child born to the Israelians but Moses survived and the sea carried him to the Pharaoh's palace,was a Moses to take revenge on the pharaoh and he will did when he brought it to the point of war,the pharaoh wasnot to kill those innocent children and then after Moses came prophet Jesus invited peace, love and tolerance, but also was on all the people to obey and devout by Allah's religion and finally the last of Allah's messengers the Prophet Muhammad saying no compulsion in the religion the rationality has seen and inequity has been rejected but in spite of that God commanded him to furnish armies to invade countries and neighboring cities in order to spread the religion of Allah,those prophets werenot like the rest of the rabbis and priests through history,what is well known,religion is written by the priest or the rabbi and then everyone has his freedom to choose to follow the religion that he wishes.

These are the men of determination of the apostles means the most good and the best for Allah and his worshipers, and if you checked the history you will find that all this story is this way for the twenty eight prophets who came with messages of Allah, a message from Allah and must be on all the people to obey who wishes to obey,obeys and who refused to obey refused to obey so allah faught and Tortured except of the prophets of Seth, Jacob, Isaac,Joseph and David, who was a king more than a prophet,Zul-Kifl,Elijah,Ismail,Zakariya,Yahya and Idris who in spite of the disobedience of the people for him he took the people who followed him and emigrated from Iraq to Egypt,despite the fact that these were the prophets of Allah they did not oblige anybody to convert to the religion of Allah.

This is a grim picture about the story but it is a fair trial and the story of course has a bright side as those prophets city has always been filled with goodness justice,peace,good transactions and has always been a city that radiating civilization and they themselfs has always been a good example for their people after them and those kings city also was always filled with goodness, justice, peace,good transactions and has always been radiating civilization and they themselfs has always been a good example and a high such as to those who came after them just like the rest of the great leaders and kings throughout history.

but Allah and his prophets should did let the people and their life,what he should knew is that the people do have thier gods those gods who extend their dominion over them where those people are a tree,stone and stars worshipers and if you extended your dominion on your whatever kingdom of course all obeys and you are a king for the muslims so no one to extend his dominion on muslims except Allah and there kings are just Allah's successors in this kingdom also those other people do have thier own gods and no one to extend his dominion on them except thier own gods and this is a divine land i.e there is no 2nd something means there is no 2nd something next to that Allah is the god of the muslims who extend his dominion on them and there is no 2nd something next to that the people have thier own gods who extend thier dominion on them,and the experiment proved this over and over.
RE: Fair trial
My eyes ! Nooooo !
Just believe me. Your face, clothes, the way you speak, the money you have, the things you own, the car you drive, nothing of that defines you; only your actions do, only, that's your worth. Every action can be one of two: good or bad. That is you. Don't allow anybody to fool you into self-hating because of stupid standards, that sidetracks you from the main categories that define you.
-Everybody is equal
-You;re not better than others by birth
-You're not your birth marks and scars
-You're your deeds
RE: Fair trial
Brevity is a virtue.

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RE: Fair trial
I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that. Could you give a more detailed account?
God(s) and religions are man made and the bane of humanity. 

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RE: Fair trial
I disagree
"You are what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is what the whole ocean is doing. The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around. The real deep down you ... is the whole universe."

RE: Fair trial
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RE: Fair trial
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RE: Fair trial
TLDR. I got as far as "The ..."
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RE: Fair trial
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RE: Fair trial
If you could give us a summary, that would be good.
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