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cracked rib?
RE: cracked rib?
(4th January 2017, 12:24)vorlon13 Wrote: Good to know. The dental angle is especially helpful as with my 12 Stepper back ground I'm pretty shy about using anything real strong that I might like too much.

Also, Aleve works on me quite well, however, I'm slightly allergic to it (slowly get a rash from it) and I've been cautioned against using it.

Yep. I know the drill. I come from a background of addicts. Escaped the bitch myself, but am very cautious about addictive substances. If you get work done, talk to your dentist about the correct dosage and timetable so you can get maximum pain relief without going over the daily limits.
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RE: cracked rib?
(29th December 2016, 18:33)Minimalist Wrote: I think Tylenol is derived from a Greek word meaning "doesn't do shit."

Nah, it means "rapes your liver."
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