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Sam Harris: 'Can we ever be right about right and wrong?'
Sam Harris: 'Can we ever be right about right and wrong?'
What I think could perhaps be interesting to add to what Purple Rabbit said in the 'Pathway Machine' thread:
Quote:Philosophy does not conclusively answer any ethical issue. Furthermore it clearly needs science as input, for instance biological knowledge to assess the impact of abortion on the foetus.
Is something Sam Harris has said..
To somewhat paraphrase Sam Harris: Morality can be a lot like food. There are a whole lot of foods and its not like you can find one food that's objectively "the best". But there's a huge objective distinction between food and poison.
Here's a video on the subject, that I find very interesting.
Sam Harris: 'Can we ever be right about right and wrong?'

Part 1/2:[youtube]sBdQhLXTvNM[/youtube]

Part 2/2 [youtube]gqF0jnv3tZY[/youtube]
RE: Sam Harris: 'Can we ever be right about right and wrong?'
I'd like to congratulate the Harris family with the birth of Emma. She is born 5 weeks early but thanks to science and medicine both mother and baby are doing fine.
Best regards,
Leo van Miert
Horsepower is how hard you hit the wall --Torque is how far you take the wall with you
RE: Sam Harris: 'Can we ever be right about right and wrong?'
I congratulate them too! I didn't know the baby had been born yetSmile
I heard they were having a baby soon though.
Thank science and medicine.

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