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Time Capsule Reveal...finally
Time Capsule Reveal...finally
Sorry I took so long. We had some good entries last year. Hopefully this year we can get even more people to participate!

Atheistforums.org Time Capsule

Bella Morte 17 Jan 16 Wrote:Bella Morte likes cats. Oh and ponies. That is all.

Evie 17 Jan 16 Wrote:The 30th of December shall always remind me of awesomenss and happiness.

RaphielDrake 17 Jan 16 Wrote:It was two weeks until Christmas. I'm looking at a lovingly crafted mug. It has a cartoonish clay carving on the front of it. Its a sheep. Underneath it are the immortal words "I wuv ewe" underneath it. I feel an impulse. I consider the consequences of following it. The clean-up, the expense, the noise pollution, etc etc. But its no use. Its not going away. I feel it in my lungs as I inhale and exhale. My hands shake, my eyes wet with tears. Were my location more isolated it would manifest as a scream that would echo into the cold night but this would have to suffice.
The mug shatters into an incalculable number of pieces on my kitchen floor. Pieces of one of the few mugs I had left that I would have to clean up. It was worth it. Worth it not to see it everyday knowing its twin was out there. Mocking me. The dog looks up concerned or perhaps just confused. Its not a clever thing I just did but I don't care. 
For once this was me. No filters, just raw expression. An acknowledgement of my feelings. A message to myself from myself and the message was clear; No more. No more sympathy, no more sentiment, no more holding back. 

I realize this burning inside isn't going away, that I need to use this rage. To channel it. Focus it. Make it mine.
To take my revenge by using the tools I have been given, to build a better life for myself using the fearlessness I now feel. I will live my life like a war. I will fight it no matter the cost. 
When I look back on this next year I will know I was right. That this realization was the turning point. 
I will keep fighting.

Evie 17 Jan 16 Wrote:Ahhh memories:

This very turtle Wrote:Gaz Sation Blessings are they commoningz? They haz gold bowlingz? And perhaps sometimez Hindu blessing is takingz place with a gold bowl usingz Red Fruit Punch Gatorade and much splashingz outside Gas Station.

Iz perfectly normal situation yes?


Evie 17 Jan 16 Wrote:
(January 14, 2016 at 9:44 pm)Losty Wrote: Please, I luz puppies. They make me so happeh
[Image: c7addc40600411dfac7f000b2f3ed30f.jpg]

Evie 17 Jan 16 Wrote:I AM ZEH TURTLE, HEAR ME ROAR!

[Image: tumblr_mcf7nlqmDF1qbahrjo1_500.jpg]

Okay I go make mayo now.

robvalue 17 Apr 16 Wrote:I'm so grateful to all my friends here for supporting me! I'm really proud to be a part of the community, and being trusted enough to become a moderator has been wonderful for my confidence.

I love you all! Heart

Also we need a new jug, I smashed ours today. Whoops!

Evie 18 Apr 16 Wrote:Insanely emotionally fulfilled and deliciously kinky turtle not from another dimension -- but instead from this very dimension -- says "hi!".

Minimalist 5 Jun 16 Wrote:Sending this now while Bernie Sanders is still relevant.

* Warning:  Expires next Tuesday.

Big Grin

Alasdair Ham 5 Jun 16 Wrote:I love who I love and she's fucking awesome.

Brian37 5 Jun 16 Wrote:6/5/2016

Cat in lap, spent today Sunday watching the repeat of Yesterday's 2016 Reason Rally. Bitch slapped a theist on Facebook who was claiming the date "2016AD" was proof of Jesus. No, Christians merely adapted older pagan calendars and tweaked the new one to suit their own agenda.

Also pissed at Trump for invoking Ali after not only making an issue of Obama's "Arab" sounding name and birth status. But also his lack of service in Nam where as Ali objected to the war for the right reasons. Trump was simply too much of a coward to be honest and say he couldn't mentally handle going, so he lied about it. 

I am hoping this time next year we will be hearing Madam President.

RetiredArmy 30 June 16 Wrote:With only six and a half months left until the reveal, this is a little shorter time scale, from the start anyway.

Having gone 'public" about my non-belief recently (6 months), I have noticed a few things I hadn't noticed before, and I wonder if the curtain will continue to move.  I've been an atheist for many years, but being open about it opened my eyes even more.  I wish I'd done it sooner.

Most of my family have the bigotry associated with a religious upbringing, only now it truly annoys me.  Will I confront them in the near future?  Will I slowly sneak up on the idea, hinting from time to time of what right?  What course did I take to fix the issues my family has, can I fix them at all?

The people most dear to me are still believers of JC, and we've had many conversations.  I think the seed of doubt has been planted.  I plan on buying them "CD on the O of S" and a few others (Dawkins, Hitchens) in the hopes they will read them and possibly reach the "ah-ha" moment.  How did that go?  Are we excommunicated yet?

Will I find my way to discussing religion with other family?  Is there hope for the bible thumpers?

Alasdair Ham 30 June 16 Wrote:Thank you for being there for me.

Losty 1 July 16 Wrote:Who would have ever thought, me as staff? Heh. Well I am loving the job and am absolutely honored to serve on the forum team. Also, I predict the prof will show up soon to tell us about the end of the world again Hehe

Nymphadora 1 July 16 Wrote:Just think... in January 2017, I will be graduating from Cosmetology school and on my way to a new career!

Napoléon 1 July 16 Wrote:Message for me: If you are still fat, have no girlfriend and are not on 30k a year, pull your finger out your arse and sort it the fuck out. 

mh.brewer 2 Dec 16 Wrote:I have nothing worth seeing again. 

Losty 3 Dec 16 Wrote:Wow it's been a long year and yet it seems to be almost over so suddenly. I became a mod this year. Weird. Me, a mod. Lol.
(August 21, 2017 at 11:31 pm)KevinM1 Wrote: "I'm not a troll"
Religious Views: He gay


Hammy Wrote:and we also have a sheep on our bed underneath as well

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