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Holes in heard immunity.
Holes in heard immunity.
Until we can make the whole world the "herd", lapses in vaccination and travel will poke holes in the effectiveness. This is a threat to those who can't be vaccinated. 

So, if you choose not to vaccinate, please don't travel. I'd prefer if you'd voluntarily lock your self away in total isolation. 

God(s) and religions are man made and the bane of humanity. 

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RE: Holes in heard immunity.
ouch, and I've heard people that have alreadyhad West Nile Fever will have a rougher go with Zika or Dengue or whatever the fuck it was.
the belief that seven nails were used to crucify Jesus Christ; three on Maundy Thursday, and four on Good Friday

RE: Holes in heard immunity.
That's just great. I've already had West Nile. Better start wearing repellent all the time during mosquito season, I guess. Sad

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