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Xhristards Just Keep Getting Dumber and Dumber
RE: Xhristards Just Keep Getting Dumber and Dumber
(June 12, 2017 at 8:57 am)Fake Messiah Wrote: This reminded me when I read autobiography about guy that was going on Liberty University to become a preacher how he once visited some natural monument with his friends from college. Girl he was with came to a plaque that described how that Natural Bridge was formed over millions of years and that greatly offended her so she started spitting on the plaque and kicking it with her boots and even regretted she was in the mixed company because she wanted to drop her pants and take a shit on it.

So I googled "creationists vandalize" and what do you know:

[Image: C3l1vgu.png]

[Image: gc5hMsI.png]

[Image: CwksfV5.png]

In the second sign is the image of an armored jesus with a white light saber. It's in the bird shit stain. 

I've got to be a Rorschachians wet dream.
God(s) and religions are man made and the bane of humanity. 

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. Ozzy or Twain/take your pick
RE: Xhristards Just Keep Getting Dumber and Dumber
LOL!!! look at that funny asshole's Kent Hovind's posters for his new Dinosaur Park

[Image: 0DKXq14A_o.jpg]

[Image: BCRaVjp4_o.jpg]

He is his own Troll


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