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For Jack
For Jack

Big Grin

Love you, girl.
RE: For Jack
Ahhhhhhhhhh! Deidre! You just gave my morning a few seconds of heart stop. Lol oh laaaaaawrd is it hot in here. Whew! Oh, Jon, you so fiiiiiiiine. Hey, Jon? Mm mmmm mmmm! Fuck. Heart racing. Eyes googly. Lower lip shakey. Faaak.

Looky here, Snow. This is how I get when you look at me through the screen. This. Ya know?
And um... thanks, girl. Luv ya, hanneh.
"Hipster is what happens when young hot people do what old ladies do." -Exian
RE: For Jack
Damn I love that man
"Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the road, and then getting hit by an airplane"  - sarcasm_only

"Ironically like the nativist far-Right, which despises multiculturalism, but benefits from its ideas of difference to scapegoat the other and to promote its own white identity politics; these postmodernists, leftists, feminists and liberals also use multiculturalism, to side with the oppressor, by demanding respect and tolerance for oppression characterised as 'difference', no matter how intolerable."
- Maryam Namazie

RE: For Jack
I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem


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