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New Theme (Please Test & Give Feedback)
RE: New Theme (Please Test & Give Feedback)

Not sure if this is a general question or a feature that is either in the new theme or could be added but in the My Posts window is it possible it "unsubscribe" yourself from threads you posted in but don't want updates for?

For example, you've dipped into a thread to make one comment and now it keep showing up in your My Posts lists even though you haven't posted in that thread for 15 pages worth of comments and you don't care anymore.

I see sometimes a "Subscribe to this thread" link so am I just using the wrong feature for what I'm trying to accomplish? In which case, could the My Posts quick link either be replaced with a Subscribed Thread link, or a Subscribed Thread link be added?

Get what I'm getting at here?
Teenaged X-Files obsession + Bermuda Triangle episode + Self-led school research project = Atheist.
RE: New Theme (Please Test & Give Feedback)
Unfortunately that isn't possible. The "my posts" feature is really just a quick search for any threads you've contributed to.
RE: New Theme (Please Test & Give Feedback)
Bummer, I guess my life will go on without the perfect convenience of getting exactly what I want...

[Image: giphy.gif]
Teenaged X-Files obsession + Bermuda Triangle episode + Self-led school research project = Atheist.

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