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What do you Meme?
What do you Meme?

Has anyone played this before? I recently played it over New Years with some friends and it was a lot of laughs. It's a clone on Cards against humanity but the object is to use cards which have flavour text (taken from Reddit of twitter or instagram or some other den of meme iniquity) to best describe a famous meme image put up on an easel.

It's a fresh format on CaH which, to be honest, I'm quite bored of now. Having those stock images appear on the easel and having the right meme flavour text is great, though.

My only dislike was that the meme images are all more recent ones/stock images as opposed to 'older' memes from back in the day. But overall I'd recommend it as an alternative to CaH. Certainly got a few decent laughs out of it.
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RE: What do you Meme?
I know like 3 memes lol.

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