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"News" Which Is Not "News" To Anyone
"News" Which Is Not "News" To Anyone

Quote:Russian Military Supplied Missile That Shot Down Malaysian Jet, Prosecutors Say

Quote:ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — The Russian military was the source of a missile that shot down a civilian airliner over Ukraine four years ago, killing all 298 people aboard, prosecutors in the Netherlands said on Thursday in a finding certain to further sour relations between Russia and the West.

The stark determination by prosecutors, supported by video and photographic evidence, set the stage for a diplomatic standoff over how those responsible should be punished. It also increases the likelihood that prosecutors will hand down indictments of Russian military officers and soldiers, setting up a new confrontation with the Russian government.

I'm sure the WLB will defend his buddy, Vladdy.  He would never do such a thing.  Must be fake news....although the photo of the missile looks real enough.

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