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Recreational Paintball Players
Recreational Paintball Players
anybody here play recreational or tournament paintball? 

I started playing in '98 and took a break in 2011, but just got back into it last year since we had a local indoor arena open up. I used to play on a sponsored team that played xball in the northeast region, team called erie fusion. I have been a loyal bob long brand paintball marker user since I paid $1499 for one back in 2005 lol, and still use bob long markers to this day. ATM I am running a Bob Long Victory V1 which is upgraded with the updated VIS engine, and virtue oled board for the sake of anti breech bounce setting. Just got my first virtue spire loader last week, havent got to use it yet but am excited to finally get the favored spire loader. Im just playing recreationally at the moment, I cant afford to travel around all the time with any team right now so Im just trying to have fun.

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