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For Robert Mueller This Is Like [REDACTED] a 4 Year Old
For Robert Mueller This Is Like [REDACTED] a 4 Year Old

Quote:CNN analyst warns Flynn could have named Trump or Pence: ‘You only get a good deal if you give up someone above you’

So Mueller recommends no jail time for Flynn because of his cooperation with the Special Counsel's office.  Can you imagine what is going on in the WLB's fucked-up little head about now?  He'll be shitting bricks until the shit hits the fan.

[Image: 1i0bte.jpg]
RE: For Robert Mueller This Is Like [REDACTED] a 4 Year Old
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RE: For Robert Mueller This Is Like [REDACTED] a 4 Year Old
That's unusual for Min to swear Dunno

No God, No fear.
Know God, Know fear.

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