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Humans are funny no matter where.
Humans are funny no matter where.
I think it is great when no matter where in the world, one society picks up on something they like about another, and complement them by trying to start the motif where they live, but sometimes we don't get it exactly right....

So my friend from Oklahoma sent me this link, he loves country music and never hesitates to point out anywhere in the world it has had an influence.


Now you'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the photos. Take notice of the sign on the bottom row in the far left.

"Foods & Bar" , food at a bar. NO WAY!

And "Great Music Country" <---- A tiny sequence error there. 

I get it it isn't their first language. I've gotten laughs trying to speak Japanese and Spanish so.......

Really no different with any ad that strikes you funny anywhere in the world, "Best in Town"....<---- I always think, "Well what else are you going to say?"

But even with my friend from Oklahoma, I found it funny when he came to visit me, and I took him to a Japanese restaurant, and he had never seen the chopsticks that are stuck together and you have to pry apart, he didn't know what they were, and I had to  laugh. He also didn't know what the soy sauce tray was.

I do have to mention, and forgot when I made the OP, I do have to give humanity credit, no matter what part of the world billions of humans love "cold beer". They got that part of the sign correct, and I agree.

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