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One for the Chutzpah files.
One for the Chutzpah files.
A ... gentleman ... send me an email advising that he had filed copyright on everything we have on the site. (>20 Terabytes of files last I looked.)

I advised him that we only posted items that were in the public domain. His response was "Well, they used to be!"
RE: One for the Chutzpah files.
Lucy pulling the football way from Charlie Brown took Shultzpah.
RE: One for the Chutzpah files.
I had a guy who claimed to be a Canadian professor send me an email instructing me to print out Hyperwar and send it to him. No offer of compensation for time or materials, not even a please. I wonder if he's still checking his mailbox...
RE: One for the Chutzpah files.
This sounds like Sovereign Citizen shenanigans. They like to try all kinds of crazy things with pseudo-legal nonsense. They might have tried to file some sort of copy right over this site, which will be completely ignored. Sometimes they cause some real problems, though. They might try sending a DMCA take down notice, which will hopefully be ignored.
We do not inherit the world from our parents. We borrow it from our children.
RE: One for the Chutzpah files.
Hyperwar is hosted at the University of North Carolina, so Brian would be the one we'd contact in an emergency or lawsuit.

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