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Bracing For Disappointment
RE: Bracing For Disappointment
(April 27, 2019 at 8:36 pm)Shell B Wrote: I need it to be good. Tibs can't make it through the book, so the only way I can get him to know what I'm talking about when I Dune out is for this movie to be palatable.

I knew I'd eventually something I didn't like about Tibs. For shame on him and kudos for attempting to culture that heathen Big Grin

I agree fully with @Thena323 though, should be a netflix series for sure. Way easier to cover the expanse of setting descriptions that can make the book a little dry with a couple of pans and pictures. Probably do most of it in 2-3 seasons.
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RE: Bracing For Disappointment
The 80s movie was bad. So was the the parts of the mini series I saw.

Had a hard time getting through the book years ago.

Overall, not bothered by Dune one way or another.
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