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Acrophobic Goose
Acrophobic Goose
Last week I sat in my hunting blind and watched as a goose walked past my blind and then walked all the way to the other end of the (picked) soybean field and back. 3/4 mile) It occasionally pecked at the ground. It does not appear injured. I assumed it has a fear of heights.

Now I see that it's taken up residence in our creek. The rest of the geese went south for the winter.

Maybe it knows something we don't - that it's going to be a very mild winter.

Or perhaps it's just too lazy to fly south.


RE: Acrophobic Goose
When is goose season? You could bag this one with a small bore rifle.
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RE: Acrophobic Goose
I think they made a game about that goose, and its refusal to actually fly. The game is untitled at the moment.
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RE: Acrophobic Goose
(December 20, 2019 at 2:11 pm)Fireball Wrote: When is goose season? You could bag this one with a small bore rifle.

Not a fan of goose.

Venison is my thing.

Although I would whack a sandhill crane if they legalized the hunting here. According to my old boss who hunted them in Texas - where it's legal - they taste just like ribeye beef.
RE: Acrophobic Goose
Our Canada geese don't migrate any more. Here year 'round.

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