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The myth of the draft in pro sports.
The myth of the draft in pro sports.
It is not stretch that any sports team can recruit a player that can change the game. 

But when you consider in all sports, be it hockey, baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, if drafting the best player was a cure all, then why, in every sport is there a period of years or decades where a team is dynasty, and others are the lovable losers? 

If the first pick draft in say the NFL was a help to a team, then why did the Saints of the 70s and 80s suck? 

Why is it the Redskins suck today, vs when they dominated in the 80s?

Why is it the Browns get top draft picks year after year but suck year after year?
RE: The myth of the draft in pro sports.
Chemistry, and humility play important parts. You could have an entire team of superstars, but all those egos could never gel. Too many big heads trying to be the hero.

Look at the ' 98 Yankees, at the time, not a true superstar in the bunch. Just a bunch of better than average players who were willing to let the next guy be the  hero.They pretty much steamrolled their way through the season. They are quite possibly the greatest team in the history of the sport. Certainly the best team of my lifetime. 

And just to shout out, Tony Gwynn is without a doubt, the best hitter of my lifetime. He was just amazing.
RE: The myth of the draft in pro sports.
Bad leadership.
RE: The myth of the draft in pro sports.
(December 29, 2019 at 8:08 pm)Jackalope Wrote: Bad leadership.

To be frank, evolution is not much different. 

One can blame the top or blame the bottom, but reality is still a crap shoot.

The dinosaurs had a great run, but couldn't stop a meteor.

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