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Goodbye for the semester...
Goodbye for the semester...
I'm not going to be posting until I complete the last exam for this semester which starts today.

I see so much good in so many of you people, but your mistake and it's not forgivable one, is you trust that which you know is corrupt.  You trust people without proof.

If Mohammad is a false Prophet, it's evil to follow him, because he would not have proof. We agree on this, but what you don't realize is when you don't have God's proofs and his way of guidance - you are only left with leadership with no proof or vacuum of chaotic winds. Everyone teaches a lot of truth, but mixes with falsehood. It's God who will guide to the truth without crookedness and mixing with it falsehood.

As for your misconceptions about Islam, it's our fault. Particularly, Shiites have been playful with respect to religion and attributed too much to God which Quran not only not confirms but explicitly clearly refutes.

Some of you came in hopes - an enlightened person would show you wrong about Atheism or non-religion.  

I'm a lunatic, possessed, a madman,  you can't expect too much from me, but I did my best.  I have to augment my skills and I will be working to remove the dark clouds I believe that hide away the clear truth.

I took a philosophy of religion course which mainly had to do with arguments for or against God, it was by an Atheist professor, I disagreed with his interpretation of the ontological argument and he gave me bonus marks.  I learned a lot from him and there was some errors in my thinking with respect to moral argument I realize now. I got an A in that course as well recently finished a philosophy of human rights course and got an A in that as well.

There is some books about the occult I recently read as well.  Three books I've read.

I will increase my knowledge base and I will delve into hadiths, and I will manifest the wonders of Quran through the help of the leaves of Ahlulbayt (as), their sayings passed on by their followers, which is the twelve manner of fruits which are meant to be a healing for the nations as spoken about in revelations.

But not today. Not now.  Not very soon either.

All in good time.  And I'm going to read about philosophy of ethics or take the course.

There's a lot I didn't know and I took course about mysticism which was an eye opener as well.

I have not forgotten about the fact there is some of you here who want to know the truth, but it's just hard to see it now.  

PS - It's true Iran violates Human rights like not allowing freedom of speech to the extent they should allow. Like not allowing Bahais to practice their faith.  But they are under so much pressure, they just want to survive day by day.  Anything that harms there unity, they won't allow. I will be trying to free Iran from their falsehoods as well. 
RE: Goodbye for the semester...
The notion that atheists are lost souls waiting for the right salesman to happen along is a component of whatever is knocking around in your head, not reality.

Good luck with freeing Iran. I suspect that this is about as lucid as your dreams of converting the heathen.

Nice to hear from you all the same, good to see that you're doing well in school. Keep it up, one day you'll be able to afford the mental care you require.
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RE: Goodbye for the semester...
(January 6, 2020 at 10:15 am)Mystic Wrote: I see so much good in so many of you people, but your mistake and it's not forgivable one, is you trust that which you know is corrupt.  You trust people without proof.

Fuck you and herd of pigs you rode in on.

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RE: Goodbye for the semester...
Best of luck at your college endeavors. Don't go off the rails.
I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem


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