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Political Rebranding (lying for the greater good)
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Political Rebranding (lying for the greater good)
Only a politician could come up with this sort of shit.

Don't want your constituents to know you are anti-abortion? Call yourself "pro life".

Think that being branded a liberal might lose you votes? Call yourself a "progressive".

There's no end to the bullshit.

Like - "Closing the gun show loophole". Got news for ya pal - that's total bullshit. It doesn't exist. What they REALLY want to do is ban private sales of firearms from one private citizen to another private citizen. There is no "loophole" - but by creating this fiction they can get rid of private sales without having to say that is what they want.

I look forward to the blatherings of those who want to defend that fiction - those folks who have absolutely no knowledge of current gun laws.....
RE: Political Rebranding (lying for the greater good)
Progressive isn't the same as Liberalism  it's a legitimate position on it's own
“The sun from far gives life. But get close to it and it burns anything down to ashes”
RE: Political Rebranding (lying for the greater good)


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