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World's first known Covid19 Ai Diagnosis Tool (Call to participate)
World's first known Covid19 Ai Diagnosis Tool (Call to participate)
To my knowledge, I had published world's 1st open source Covid19 Artificial Intelligence based Covid19 Diagnosis tool, back on February 9, 2020.
  • I had used as the premise, a "pre-trained" pneumonia "keras" machine learning model, since I found back then that Covid19 was actually a form of pneumonia for several cases. 
  • The good thing about Ai programming nowadays, is that PhD's are reasonably not required to do good or impactful work, thanks to Ai libraries like tensorflow, keras, mxnet, pytorch etc.
I know people here do computer science based on the science and tech threads.

The github repository is available here, which one can test for oneself:


**Additional information about myself related to topic of programming:
1 other project I had worked on, that ended up being featured by multi-billion dollar Ai involved company NVIDIA, is a convolutional neural network/Ai based pothole detector:

Location: "Github/Smart-Ai-Pothole-Detector------Powered-by-Tensorflow-TensorRT-on-Google-Colab-and-or-Jetson-Nano"

Any body who wishes to contribute to this open source development, comment below.

Take care and regards, 
RE: World's first known Covid19 Ai Diagnosis Tool (Call to participate)
Ah. I see. Self promoting OP is not long for the forum methinks.
I dislike the term "Black Lives Matter" because it implies that there is a WIDELY held view in society that black lives do NOT matter. I find that to be unrealistic, hysterical, DIVISIVE hyperbole. 

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