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Final Fantasy 3 video game
Final Fantasy 3 video game
It takes about 3 months in total if you want to 100% complete it. Its on Steam for sale, though DS is the best one. It should have been an exclusive for DS, and remade it again for PC or other devices. Main reason i play it is because i liked FF7 way back then, i dont exactly hate the game, but its not amazing either. FF2 is perhaps my favorite old FF game though before FF7

One difference between Famicom version and 2006 remake is, the remake lacks capacity points. Which is points you get from fighting, so you exchange points when switching jobs, depending on the job, a job costs this much capacity points to switch too. In total you can carry 255 Capacity points from your battles. But this all got scrapped in remake, so you can switch whenever you want in the remake.

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