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Sports, football vs figure skating......
RE: Sports, football vs figure skating......
I was not a skilled athlete but not a total klutz either. I played football and baseball with the neighborhood kids, rode bikes a lot, ice and roller skating, was in gymnastics for a couple years in high school...never anything I could have done competitively but I didn't end up in a body cast either.

My older daughter is pretty much a complete klutz and has always been so. My younger daughter was born with the ability to do most anything she tried to do - dance came naturally to her as did gymnastics. She could watch a dance and then just do it. She is small and has a great sense of balance and little fear. I envied her for that. My son is a born athlete...baseball, football, basketball, skating, skateboarding, running...unfortunately two severe knee injuries in high school kept him from going further.

I loved watching my younger two just be able to do things I could never do. The daughter of my oldest is a klutz like her mom and the son and daughter of my younger daughter are skilled at dance and athletics.

Some people have the talent and some don't. I got just enough that I haven't managed any major injuries so far.
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RE: Sports, football vs figure skating......
I competed in figure skating in high school and got pretty far, skill-wise. Enough to know what kind of jumps the people on TV are doing and how they're executed. I haven't been on skates in decades, so I am not sure what I remember and how I'd do.
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