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PSA: The Spam Filter
PSA: The Spam Filter
Moderator Notice
While it isn’t exactly a massive problem, there have been several cases recently of members’ posts being caught in our spam filter. When that happens, the post doesn’t appear in the public area of the Forums - it’s held in a sort of electronic Purgatory until a member of staff can look at it and decide whether it actually qualifies as spam (the filter isn’t perfect).

A common reaction from members so affected is to try to re-post the message a few times, but it’s just going to be filtered again. By the time we get to look at it and mark it as not spam, every one of the messages caught in the filter is going to show up on the boards, which means we have to delete all but one.

So, if you try to post something and it doesn’t appear, PLEASE don’t repost it - mention it in the Questions For Staff forum.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: PSA: The Spam Filter
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RE: PSA: The Spam Filter
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