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Ask a trans.
RE: Ask a trans.
(January 3, 2022 at 11:55 am)Abaddon_ire Wrote:
(January 3, 2022 at 9:45 am)Jehanne Wrote: Verbal and (on one occasion) physical abuse; discrimination in employment; sarcastic comments from women; laughter (mainly women, but some men); strangers talking to me excessively (kind of like what some people do with the Amish), which can feel awkward, even hostile, at times.

Verbal abuse is predictable, physical abuse is illegal, but there are other unexpected forms. For instance, when my son came out, some parents removed his friends and forbade any further contact for fear of catching "da ghey".

Discrimination in employment is a lawsuit most places.

Laughter/mockery/sarcasm from women. That one is odd. I will not put all women in that bucket, but it is weird. Maybe they are somehow threatened by transgenderism in some way? I have no idea.

As to your last, do you mean people who wont shut up? I have had some loons wanting to know how I was proposing to "fix" my child

I have some random strangers in my neighborhood who regularly talk to me.  It's ironic, because, this woman has been talking to me when she sees me walking on the street for months now; I don't even know her name.  Not sure if it is some sort of "friendship evangelization" or something like that.  She's polite, and, I am, too!
And without delay Peter went quickly out of the synagogue (assembly) and went unto the house of Marcellus, where Simon lodged: and much people followed him...And Peter turned unto the people that followed him and said: Ye shall now see a great and marvellous wonder. And Peter seeing a great dog bound with a strong chain, went to him and loosed him, and when he was loosed the dog received a man's voice and said unto Peter: What dost thou bid me to do, thou servant of the unspeakable and living God? Peter said unto him: Go in and say unto Simon in the midst of his company: Peter saith unto thee, Come forth abroad, for thy sake am I come to Rome, thou wicked one and deceiver of simple souls. And immediately the dog ran and entered in, and rushed into the midst of them that were with Simon, and lifted up his forefeet and in a loud voice said: Thou Simon, Peter the servant of Christ who standeth at the door saith unto thee: Come forth abroad, for thy sake am I come to Rome, thou most wicked one and deceiver of simple souls. And when Simon heard it, and beheld the incredible sight, he lost the words wherewith he was deceiving them that stood by, and all of them were amazed. (The Acts of Peter, 9)

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