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Current time: May 22, 2022, 4:53 pm

Poll: Does the mind produce thoughts or do thoughts produce the mind?
This poll is closed.
Mind produces thoughts
4 26.67%
Thoughts produce mind
1 6.67%
2 13.33%
8 53.33%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
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Mindfulness or Mindlessness?
RE: Mindfulness or Mindlessness?
AST is a machine theory. I'm curious, what mind-body problem do you think a machine has?
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RE: Mindfulness or Mindlessness?
Hi, I'm back and all caught up.  I got caught up with other stuff.

Here's the answer to the poll:
One person has it right so far.  Well done @Jackalope

Although I'll accept the last answer too because I sneakily didn't define terms.  

Thanks to @The Grand Nudger for the ... erm... nudge, because I think I need to add a couple of slides to my powerpoint based on post #80, so I'll probably disappear for while why I work on that.

And thanks too to @HappySkeptic for the term 're-entrant'.  I think that's a bit more digestible than 'feed-back loops'.

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