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How do you take your coffee?
How do you take your coffee?
Cream? Sugar? Favorite blend or bean?

I usually drink Italian roast espresso. No cream. No sugar. But I also like Ethiopian (medium roast) espresso when I can get it.

How do you take your coffee?
RE: How do you take your coffee?
Darker the better, and strong, with half-and-half. When I have time I use the moka pot with Italian espresso grounds. I've been trying an ibrik but haven't gotten used to the process.
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RE: How do you take your coffee?
Moo and two. Not fussy about brands or beans.

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RE: How do you take your coffee?
-Auto drip method

-Dark Roast 

-Two dashes of 10% cream 

- half a spoon of brown sugar or yellow sugar
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RE: How do you take your coffee?
Don't drink coffee...never cared for it though I like the smell of it brewing.

I have had some drinks at Starbucks that are remotely familiar with coffee but not in a couple of years. I guess I like coffee that tastes as little like coffee as possible and still be called a coffee drink.
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RE: How do you take your coffee?
When I drink coffee it comes from a gas station, large, 1/3 cappuccino, 2/3 what ever coffee they have as long as it's not decaf.
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RE: How do you take your coffee?
As Hot Chocolate.
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RE: How do you take your coffee?
Black, and not hot. I have to let it cool, as my esophagus can't take the heat after years of reflux. No cancer, I got scoped out last December. It's the result of eating incendiary-hot peppers and so forth. I'm supposed to give up caffeine, chocolate and alcohol, which I'm working on. The caffeine is being the tough one. The chocolate was easy.
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RE: How do you take your coffee?
I don't have a favorite brand, because coffee is coffee.

I go the percolating route, because instant is crap.

I can drink it hot or warm, but I prefer it cold. I place it in the fridge to cool while I'm sleeping.

I can drink it black, but I prefer Coldstone International Delight sweet creamer.

Tonight, I'm also stopping at McD's before work for a delicious Mocha Frappe.
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RE: How do you take your coffee?
Black/strong. French press/ drip/ esspresso. Dark roasts.
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