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Last Day of Work Playlist
Last Day of Work Playlist
I currently work in a candy store as a cashier/accountant/music director. This will not be that way for long, since the store's closing at the end of the week. But, I've decided I should go out in style and create a playlist of music to fill out my last day of work.  So, here's some starters:

The third choice might be a bit out of left field, but the thing is, I remember listening to it on the phone very early in the job and it got the boss and his wife intrigued enough that my music became a fixture at the store. It's the reason I ended up adding "music director" to my job title, so I figured that it's only fitting that this be the last piece I play as an employee.

I'm open for more suggestions. (And, for the record, yes, Semisonic's "Closing Time" is one of the songs I have in mind, and it's not in the post above for "three-video-per-post limit" related reasons.)
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