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Love Your Body Challenge
Love Your Body Challenge
So . . .

I saw a meme the other day that said something like, "Don't exercise because you hate your body. Exercise because you love it." That got me thinking that we need a new challenge here. So, as the grand poobah, otherwise known as OP, of the AF Biggest Loser thread, I'd like to announce @Jackalope as the biggest loser. Motherfucker really followed through, and we're all proud of him. Now, we can move on to the Love Your Body Challenge, if you guys like it.

The idea is that we do something for our bodies every day. Whoever comes into the thread first on any given day can post a challenge like "Eat a whole meal consisting of vegetables" or "Run/walk a mile." Anyone wishing to participate can do that challenge, talk about it, take pictures, whatever. If more than one challenge gets posted in a day (I think I'm being hopeful here), pick the one you like the most. Remember, please make your challenges attainable and don't be afraid to tweak a challenge to fit your fitness level/health.

If we don't get enough activity for a challenge a day, we can always just sporadically post. Any little bit of love we can give our flesh bags helps.

I'll start with a challenge of 15 minutes of calisthenics of the intensity of your choosing. YouTube has a ton of great work outs. I like the Nike app, as well as a few others. Love yourself for 15 minutes today . . . then do some calisthenics. Angel
RE: Love Your Body Challenge
So, my pretty lazy ass hasn't had time for the challenge yet today, but I'm going to do it. I hope someone pops in with an idea for tomorrow. I also hope that you're all treating your bodies well, whatever shape they're in.
RE: Love Your Body Challenge
Witness chasing.


Seriously, though, I do yoga twice a week.
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RE: Love Your Body Challenge
Love me some yoga.
RE: Love Your Body Challenge

Challenge accepted muthafuckas.
RE: Love Your Body Challenge
I loved my body so much, I went blind.
RE: Love Your Body Challenge
Planks. 3 reps of 10 until muscle failure.

I really gotta build my core. I've lost a lot of lean mass.
RE: Love Your Body Challenge
Awesome idea for a thread. And congrats to Jackalope. I already train 6 days a week for most of the day as i have much free time now.

Here's a moderate challenge: 30 minutes of shadowboxing (pretend you're fighting or boxing someone in front of you for 30 min.) followed by 30 minutes of running. Then cool down with 100 squats, 100 push-ups, and 100 sit-ups. Feel free to break them down into 5 sets of 20. The challenge is to do them all together with no more than a 10 minute rest between each exercise. Of course you can work your way up to it. None of this requires gym membership or expensive equipment. Just more than an hour of free time.

You can also add a new exercise and try at least 10 minutes of jump rope. Jump ropes are inexpensive and adds to a good cardio workout. Try 10 minutes then work your way up to more at a faster pace. 

I don't diet much but as for food. If you're a chocolate lover like me. I recommend switching from regular chocolate to dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa or higher. More healthier and you'll feel fuller. The down side is it will be more expensive than regular chocolate.
RE: Love Your Body Challenge
I did this prior to the thread. I gave up soft drinks about a month and a half and now only consume water and occasionally iced tea. I dropped 11 pounds though I remain pudgy. *Pokes belly* we'll get there.
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RE: Love Your Body Challenge
(September 18, 2019 at 8:48 pm)Jackalope Wrote: TL: DR

Challenge accepted muthafuckas.

Super long, right? I’m wordy.

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