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Unabomber on Psychology of a Liberal
Unabomber on Psychology of a Liberal
Because Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) graduated from Harvard at age 16, became a professor of mathematics, is believed to have understood math that only 10 people in the country did, and asserted he had an intellectual motive for killing others, I wanted to know what his philosophies are. I know a majority of people can be wrong, so I wondered if he had any compelling argument to justify what he did or if his targets were corrupt.

As it turns out, I concluded he was a cruel and sick man anyways after reading up on him, but I found a gem in the process.

Right now (well, at least temporarily) I feel like a loser in life. With some exceptions, like being pro-guns and opposing minimum wage, I consider myself a "leftist." Did Ted Kaczynski peg down my psychology? Do you think modern leftists tend to feel like a loser? He believes that modern leftism is a psychological phenomena. The next paragraph will give you a resource that might provoke thought about those questions.

So, do a "Ctrl + f" to search for "THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MODERN LEFTISM" on this page and you can read the Unabomber's thoughts on modern leftism.
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