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In Christianity, Does Jesus' Soul Have Anything To Do With Why Jesus Is God?
In Christianity, Does Jesus' Soul Have Anything To Do With Why Jesus Is God?
I've been a Christian my entire life, Baptist at that, and have worshiped Jesus as long as I can remember. I recently watched a video that basically said that according to Protestantism, I've been a blasphemer the whole time. I think the video was created by an Atheist. In the video he claimed that "Protestantism declares that Jesus' soul has nothing to do with why Jesus is God, and that if you think his soul has to do with why he is God then according to Christianity you will burn in hell". Is that true?

Here's the video...

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In Christianity, Does Jesus' Soul Have Anything To Do With Why Jesus Is God? - by JesusIsGod7 - October 6, 2014 at 2:44 pm

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