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ISIS (Probably) Blows Up al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul
ISIS (Probably) Blows Up al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul
So, it seems, with the end of ISIS in Mosul looming in the next few weeks, the fuckers have destroyed yet another important location.


I honestly don't care about its religious significance.  It's the historical significance that is important to me.

Of course, they claim an American airstrike did it (not entirely impossible), but it seems likely that, as their numbers dwindle and they see the end of their time in Mosul coming fast, they have decided on one final act of petty vindictiveness.

The sooner we see the survivors of this group hanging from gallows, the better.
Dying to live, living to die.

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ISIS (Probably) Blows Up al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul - by The Valkyrie - June 21, 2017 at 10:36 pm

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