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Republicans seem hell bent on proving their god does not exist
RE: Republicans seem hell bent on proving their god does not exist
1 thing for certain:

The crimes of Republicans in Iraq alone, makes me even doubt they are humans; let alone believe in God.
The Republican institution, followed by their allies like the U.S military and the politicians and the businessmen, are the worst of the worst, they are not just sick demons, they are gore loving sickos that enjoy the bombing and killing of children if it will bring them interest, and they are mentally damaged sick bastards in the shoes of wise people.

If they think Christianity justifies their sorry criminal short-lives, then they didn't understand anything. But another thing; also for certain: the same thing that justified the crusades in Christianity, is justifying the crimes of Republicans now.

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RE: Republicans seem hell bent on proving their god does not exist - by WinterHold - December 23, 2017 at 4:23 am

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