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Race baiting, economic reasons. But why isnt it defined as racism?
Race baiting, economic reasons. But why isnt it defined as racism?
Because its not about solving social issues but just to provoke people for no good reasons. Its what you do to promote anger over understanding in terms of communities. Being against racism is good in terms of organized crime, organizations etc. Like anything that wishes to say my race is better than you is totally illegal or in terms of organized hate groups, and its illegal for good reasons.

But for some reason race baiting is totally fine.

I am gonna use DuckDuckGo definition on it considering Google has been sort of censorship police lately.

race baiting  
  • n.
    The act of using racially derisive language, actions, or other forms of communication in order to anger or intimidate or coerce a person or group of people.

So there is a difference here, see objectivity of saying these groups of people hate certain groups of people makes sense and preventing this stuff from happening is good or even when its relevant. Then there is just to provoke and annoy people by trying to claim "all of those people are this in a certain way". TYT or The young turks... they hit some truth on some stuff ( but its very much known for race baiting media platform on youtube)

One example of race baiting, i can link this news article as an example.

Here is one way i could do the same thing too.

"Why did white angry liberals cry when Trump got elected?"
See the point?. From wikipedia i know reason people voted for Trump was due to feeling pushed over from Obama administration due to mostly the middle aged workers feeling lost of job, and also religious and ethnic differences "Depending if i can trust the source on wikipedia".

The overall racist culture is economic i think. I mean think about it? Democrats made KKK and Jim Crow laws to earn on white supremacy, when those wimps got to know the world changed in the 60s. Well they changed to race superiority. 

Or this parody video i think is pretty much what is going on.

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