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I'm kinda the victim of an anti-white hate crime in my real neighbourhood
RE: I'm kinda the victim of an anti-white hate crime in my real neighbourhood
(April 17, 2021 at 7:22 am)Lawz Wrote: My crime? Being white. Their crime? Buying into the proliferated lie that racism is "everywhere" and predominantly manifested by white men against black men. And also being violent/uncivilised. 

I lived in some seriously bad neighborhoods in DC. So I empathize for someone living in a bad neighborhood fearing for their safety. But I think you are conflating a movement working towards freeing the oppressed with feeling unsafe in your neighborhood. They are two separate things.

You also might want to consider that minorities feel unsafe in bad neighborhoods too. The real problem is bad neighborhoods... not idealism or political movements.

I do know the sensation of being the only white guy on a "hard" street. You feel like you stick out. That's nothing new. It has nothing to do with BLM. Like I said, I've been there. It can be scary. And I have been harmed on occasion, and that heightened the fear in future situations.

But let's consider the possibility that the political ideals at work are completely separate from all that. There IS a sentiment from some arenas that it's somehow wrong to be white. I disagree with this sentiment on principle, but think about what's really going on there. White people are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a minority... like there is some kind of "wrongness" attached to their race... and they don't like it one bit.

I'm sure you consider yourself egalitarian, as most of us here do. But the issue with race is deep, man.


Freire is mainly discussing capitalism here, but notice that last sentence: "To the oppressor consciousness, the humanization of the 'others,' of the people, appears not as the pursuit of full humanity, but as subversion." It's worth reflecting upon this statement. I think your egalitarian ideals are fine. And, as I said before, feeling unsafe is not cool. But on the other hand, there is a "situation" going on with dehumanization of large groups of people. Ultimately, you are a part of this dehumanized, disenfranchised group. But you are being told you are somehow on the "privileged" side... that you are being infringed upon. But you aren't. 

Have you ever been in a normal, non-political social situation in which you weren't recognized as a person. And when you tried to speak up, you were faced hostility in return? Like, in that social situation, you didn't matter. And when you try to say that you DO matter, you are treated like you are infringing on other people.

I think we've all been in situations like that. Maybe highschool. Maybe when being cheated on by a lover. Anything. It's worth reflecting upon the possibility that such things happen on large social scales. And it isn't right. It isn't right when such things happen to individuals, and it isn't right when such things happen to communities.

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