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RE: Marmageddon!
I have to say this is the first time I've ever heard Marmite described as having a herbal taste. Are you sure what you ate was even Marmite? The stuff I'm familiar with has a profoundly beefy flavour. Salty, yes, though not overpoweringly so.

Fun fact: Marmite never goes off. As it ages, or perhaps more accurately matures, it does solidify in the jar. Like honey, all you need to do is stand the jar in hot water for a while and it's as fresh as it ever was. In many ways it is the perfect food. Unless you happen to be one of those weird whiny mutants who claim they don't like it.
At the age of five, Skagra decided emphatically that God did not exist.  This revelation tends to make most people in the universe who have it react in one of two ways - with relief or with despair.  Only Skagra responded to it by thinking, 'Wait a second.  That means there's a situation vacant.'
RE: Marmageddon!
[Image: McDonaldsKiwiBrekkieMcMuffin.jpg]

That looks really good, R/S. I'd want them to hold the cheese.... or cut the cheese.

RE: Marmageddon!
That's where the global marketing concept of McD bites them in the ass: I would want to suggest this Kiwi Brekkie McMuffin to my local McD 'manager'. Maybe he would give it a go for a while. Run his own, local, small-scale prototyping product trial. If it bombed, it bombed. No big deal. But if it turned out to be a hit he could tell head-office, get brownie points, and so further cross-pollinate the McD organisation.

Sadly McD 'managers' can't fart if it's not in the corporate McD choreography.

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