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Poll: Apple VS PC
This poll is closed.
Apple is better
1 5.00%
PC is better
7 35.00%
This question is silly. Apple computers are PCs.
12 60.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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Apple Vc PC
Apple Vc PC
Give me your thoughts on which is better, and vote.
RE: Apple Vc PC
Fixed your poll.
RE: Apple Vc PC
Let's have an OS war instead. Devil

Or on second thought, perhaps not. Angel
RE: Apple Vc PC
I can't vote, as I don't think either one is "better". I prefer to use a PC, because I always have and it's comfortably familiar. I think Apple is highly overrated and overpriced. Does that count?
RE: Apple Vc PC
Are we talking about Hardware or software?
Hardware, apple computers tend to be higher quality overall, but they're also way more expensive, so I tend to prefer PCs. You can usually get roughly the same power for a lot cheaper.

OS is personal choice. I have a hackintosh (I run windows, Mac OSX, and linux all on a PC) and I'll use the mac partition for video editing, the windows for gaming, and linux when I need free stuff.
RE: Apple Vc PC
A mix of all, just an overall. Personally i believe windows can be better.. So much cheaper lol
RE: Apple Vc PC
(April 5, 2012 at 1:56 pm)SavageNerdz Wrote: A mix of all, just an overall. Personally i believe windows can be better.. So much cheaper lol

The issue with hardware, which I beleive was Tiberius' issue with the poll, as well as mine is this: Apple hardware is essentially commodity PC hardware, albeit with good QC and with vastly fewer hardware variations, which should lead to fewer device driver issues.

In the non-Apple PC market, price/quality is all over the board, even from the same manufacturer.

As an example, there's a vast difference in quality and performance between my personal Inspiron laptop vs. the Precision M6500 Covet that my work provided me, despite both being from Dell. (Unsurprising since my work laptop[*] cost several times as much).

[*] Laptop being loosely defined here. I wouldn't carry my work laptop much farther than a nearby conference room unless I was forced to.

RE: Apple Vc PC
I built my PC based purely on what looked coolest so I could get laid.
RE: Apple Vc PC
Quote:Apple computers are PCs.

Only SOCIALISTS would buy Apple.
RE: Apple Vc PC
I like my PC. 9 years old and still runs great. I'm too cheap to buy a new one. Use my PS3 for gaming anyway.
This is stupid

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