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What game/s are you playing right now?
What game/s are you playing right now?
I'm curious If there will be a decent variety here.

I'm playing dragon age origins right now. I'm trying to play them in order.

I'm also going to start playing pokemon white again once I get my DS back.

This is stupid
RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
I was playing Skyrim, until I heard that Dark Souls was getting a PC version.
Now I'm playing Left 4 Dead 2, since it doesn't really require a committment, it's merely zombie-killing action until Dark Souls hits.
I'm also playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution a bit, to break up the constant zombie survival.
RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
I'm playing Dragon Age 2 for the story- I'm on my second playthrough. Loved Origins, and finished it twice as well.

I'm also playing the Killing Floor for my zed-killing action. (200+ hours logged on that now)

Red Orchestra 2 is my preferred military simulator. Most guns are 1-hit kills. For obvious reasons, I choose to snipe.

And I'm waiting for Dark Souls on the pc.
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RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
I'm yet to complete Mass Effect 3. Ill get around to it eventually Tongue

Ive been keeping myself from gaming lately.
RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
Playing Mass Effect 2 and Starcraft 2 and Fifa 12 and Street Fighter 4 Arcade edition.
RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
Still playing Battlefield 3, and hoepfully soon I will be getting to Mass Effect 3.
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RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
Just finished Batman Arkham City and Assassins Creed(god that was dull).

Going retro and playing Fallout soon.
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RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
I'm playing Scrabble right now.
RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
Fallout: New Vegas, Dungeons of Dredmor, Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire, Baldur's Gate (in the Baldur's Gate II engine) & Fall from Heaven II (Civ 4 mod) on my PCs

Final Fantasy IV on my PSP
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RE: What game/s are you playing right now?
I left my ps3 back at my uni as I'm home for this easter break, but I've been playing total war games on my laptop. Notably Rome and Medieval 2.

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