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Secular volunteer opportunities for atheists/humanists of Houston Texas
Secular volunteer opportunities for atheists/humanists of Houston Texas
If anyone in the Houston Texas area is looking for secular volunteer opportunities there will be a meeting about this. Below is the information. I can't link to it but I've copied and pasted it.

Hosted by the Humanists of Houston, this event will feature a guest panel of atheists/humanists from several Texas charities and non-profits, who will be discussing opportunities for volunteerism with secular charities that members of the local atheist/humanist community can become involved in.

The panel will include:

Melanie Clemmer, Outreach Director of Fellowhip of Freethought: http://fofdallas.org/

Tyler Gleason, Founder of Nation of Hope: http://nationofhope.org/

Noelle George, Coordinator for Volunteers Beyond Belief: http://foundationbeyondbelief.org/vbb

The HoH will also be announcing their new Humanists of Houston Volunteerism Coordinator, who should already be a familiar name to the Houston freethought community.

If you have trouble finding the facility or the room, you can reach me on the day of the event at (832) 590-0376.
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