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Poll: Have you felt discrimination because of your atheism?
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12 63.16%
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Atheists - The New Oppressed?
RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
I don't know that I've felt dicriminated against due to my Atheist beliefs...

In fact I often have conversations about belief/un-beliefs with many of theist friends who are always open and accepting.

I think this divide over philasophical difference is a creation of the extremes of both parties with the reasonable, intelligent majority willing to debate/discuss and share view and feelings rationally.
"We need not suppose more things to exist than are absolutely neccesary." William of Occam

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt" William Shakespeare (Measure for Measure: Act 1, Scene 4)

RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
(August 28, 2008 at 4:47 pm)Sam Wrote: I don't know that I've felt dicriminated against due to my Atheist beliefs...

I dont see why anyone would.
RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
A little off topic here but I thought I would share this with my fellow atheists.I never thought I would have ever agreed with Hitler on any subject on any matter,but as I was reading Mein Kampf online I came across this gem.Hitlers definition of a politician, to which I must say he was on the money and I must agree with him.


the kind of man whose onlv real conviction is lack of conviction, combined with offensive impertinence and an art of lying, often developed to the point of complete shamelessness.

These days everyone who aspires to a high office in government must assure the nation that he is a believer in god.He will say and do anything to keep the religionist happy, although there is supposed to be separation of church and state according to the 1st constitutional ammendment.The church does not have to opinionate about governmental affairs since they are the majority and without speaking their voices are heard because of their sheer numbers.I think it would be a cold day in hell before we see an openly atheist candidate make it all the way to the White House.
There is nothing people will not maintain when they are slaves to superstition


RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
I have certainly felt discrimination to some extent. Just not very often. Depends on the people or the group of people that I meet.

I'm sure I've felt discrimination when I wasn't really being particularly discriminated against.
And I'm sure I've not felt discrimination when a alot of other atheists would have.
And obviously, I have felt discrimination when I am being discrimated against and haven't felt it when I'm not but thats more obvious. My point is that there are misunderstandings too.

Depends on the individual and groups (or clans) of individuals I think.
RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
(August 26, 2008 at 5:47 am)BettyValentine Wrote: There was a thread on atheist discrimination on the old site that i found quite interesting so i thought i'd start a new one.

I think it was Richard Dawkins who wrote about the studies conducted that showed in America, people would prefer a black, muslim, gay woman than an atheist for president. (Please feel free to correct me, i apologise if this information is not precisely correct, it was a while since i read it - but you get the point).

Personally, i have experienced a lot of discrimination for my atheism most of life as both a child and adult - even from people who claim they're not religious but view atheism as a 'bleak and un-intelligent' belief. The people who have these views however, are grossly uneducated about atheism or perhaps influenced by the negative a false depictions of atheists made by a Christian dominated society.

What about everyone else? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

As if there was anything wrong with those things to begin with.

But anyways, I'd still say being any one of those things is more oppressive then being atheist. C'mon, let's not compare being atheist to being black. A person can't hide the color of their skin. And sooner or later, the homosexual is gonna have to come out of the closet 'cause they can't spend the rest of their life hiding the life they share with their partner. Even a religious person can't hide that fact forever 'cause somebody is going to see them enter a religious place of worship.

The only atheists I know that find it difficult to function in the regular every day business of life are the ONES WHO MAKE IT THEIR LIFE'S MISSION to argue with the religious every chance they get. Some atheists talk about religion as much as the religious. Some talk about it even more than the religious.
RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
Yeah, but you should be able to express your atheism... just like religious people are allowed to express their religion.
RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
I saw in a docomentary that showed how atheists in some states nearly beomce banned from their cities. They dont dare to say that they are atheists and some moved to Canada beacuse their neighbours got violent. That also people got sacked because they where atheists where chocking.

I think atheists in america should become more organized and awake public awerness of that group.
RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
Personally, I've experienced more discrimination as awoman, and as white than as an atheist and a bisexual, which mostly speaks to my personal experiences of which have been few and far between. In the general sense I don't feel constantly discriminated against. And for when I have been, I also think it happens more as a white person and a woman because being a women and white is readily visible and bisexuality and atheism is not visible. If they're not told they wouldn't know, and I don't tell everyone I meet that I am those things.

And let me qualify the being white aspect. In truth I would call it reverse racism. I have had many instances of people assuming things about me because I'm white. I've felt excluded from social circles because I have actually lived in close proximity to a black neighborhood and went to a school where there were more blacks than whites, and they disliked me becuase I was not like them. People tend to assume that because I'm white I think less of blacks and in turn actually end up being prejudice themselves. I think reverse racism/dicscimination in which you assume someone hates you and therefore react without justification is just as damaging, if not more, than basic discrimination.

I do however think that atheism is discriminated against and has less understanding than homosexuality.
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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RE: Atheists - The New Oppressed?
I expect discrimination when I make it known to anyone that I am an atheist.Some are just curious and ask stupid questions like "aren't you afraid that god will punish you?" I stick to my guns and never back down for anyone.I honestly would have been burnt at the stake in the 16th century and would have cursed god and the believers as the fires licked at my heels.
There is nothing people will not maintain when they are slaves to superstition



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