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Hate law system in usa
Hate law system in usa
I've always hated thenjustice system
Had a close friend jailed for the most stupid reason. He got disabled in military and his ex wife who cheated on him kept demanding child support
He couldn't get a job or his sc claim was still processing
Instant jail.
I'm not even kidding Sad i found out today and am so pissed cuz myself being jailed and seeing so many others in person jailed that aren mentally I'll and how cruel the officers are i am disgusted.

So can i do anything to change? Or will thenconservarives to push for death sentence always win? Tbh i really been considering moving to England or Canada, should i?
Will usa always be this way?
I hear we have the most prisoners per capita
And make more money from prison than other countries

What can I do? I known aclu fights for rights

What can i do? Petitions? Protests?

Re: Hate law system in usa
Gtf out of here. Wish I could go with.
RE: Hate law system in usa
But gotta admit, we have the best prices on pc hardware and games in the world! Tbh sadly thats the biggest reason I stay.
Also I hear USA has the best education so I eventually do want to finish my college here

By education I mean college , public system I hear other countries are better
RE: Hate law system in usa
The traditional way to get law changed that you don't like is to buy a couple of senators and a few representatives. Luckily for you this sounds like a problem that can be fixed at the state level. Those guys are a lot cheaper than federal would be.
Save a life. Adopt a greyhound.
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RE: Hate law system in usa
Quote:Will usa always be this way?


It is getting worse.
RE: Hate law system in usa
We have anti hate laws here too; it is an offence to incite racial hatred. We seem to be trying to walk a tightrope between 'freedom' and 'licence' and erring on the side caution. I do not support such laws.

David Irving and Fred Phelps weer both refused entry to Australia under those laws.

Do I hate God? (or the idea of god) No. Nor do I have any need to explain or justify my position.

Could not care less if others agree. I do retain the right to laugh at those who assert all/ most believers are irrational,stupid or crazy. In my opinion,such a sweeping generalisation falls under the heading of old fashioned bigotry,and I will not not support it.
RE: Hate law system in usa
Have you seen the One piece arc where Luffy fights his way into Impel Down (the world government's maximum security prison for the most dangerous criminals) to try to save Ace, but has to fight his way out aswell because Ace gets taken away? No? oh well. Tongue

I would have suggested that if you had eaten an awesome devil fruit.

You should move to Scotland. It is fine here. It doesn't get any better than fine though.
RE: Hate law system in usa
(June 13, 2012 at 4:37 am)frankiej Wrote: You should move to Scotland. It is fine here. It doesn't get any better than fine though.

That's the most lukewarm endorsement of a country I've ever seen Big Grin
RE: Hate law system in usa
Everywhere else is shit. So, I bet fine is sounding pretty good right now. Wink

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