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Be discreet, please!
Be discreet, please!
Two days in a row now I have had to intervene due to some pictures posted. We are pretty lenient when it comes to posting visual material, as long as it isn't illegal or pornographic (with the exception of Area 69), you can post it. That being said, be discreet when posting potentially disturbing material (e.g. lots of blood, dead bodies, wounds). If it's relevant to the point you're trying to get across to post such pictures, I would ask of all of you to put them behind hide tags
[hide] [/hide]
and write a small warning as to what's behind the tags or then put them in R'lyeh. Thank you!
When I was young, there was a god with infinite power protecting me. Is there anyone else who felt that way? And was sure about it? but the first time I fell in love, I was thrown down - or maybe I broke free - and I bade farewell to God and became human. Now I don't have God's protection, and I walk on the ground without wings, but I don't regret this hardship. I want to live as a person. -Arina Tanemura

RE: Be discreet, please!
Indeed. Nothing is worse than scrolling down in a thread and being smacked in the face with photos of dead children. ):
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RE: Be discreet, please!
(February 9, 2013 at 1:24 pm)Annik Wrote: Nothing is worse than scrolling down in a thread and being smacked in the face with photos of dead children. ):
ikr. i bet u almost died.

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