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Survival instinct - looks like shit!
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
Never underestemate!!!!

When Batman Arkham Asylum was announced I also thought it would be a cheap cash in on the movies success.

But it turned out to be the best superhero game ever to be released.
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
Well yeah, but that's because the writer was Paul Dini, who's been writing for the Batman series for, what, decades now? Half of a game is having a direction and if you have a terrific writer or writing staff that will help. If you shun any idea of a writing staff or get some really cheap or crappy writers, you're gonna end up with a directionless and therefore really boring game. You know, like Survival Instinct is. XD
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
My survival instincts tell me to avoid this game! Big Grin
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
I was in Game yesterday... they were selling this trash for £42.99. Wtf?

Anyway, Dead Island Riptide comes out soon... that shall satisfy my zombie smashing desires.
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
Yanno I gotta admit, Dead Island was boring as all fuck for me.
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
are there any good zombie games besides undead nightmare?
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
(March 27, 2013 at 7:11 pm)The Germans are coming Wrote: are there any good zombie games besides undead nightmare?
I like Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead. But Left 4 Dead is best played with others.
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
I hate Dead Rising, it just really sucks for me.

Left 4 Dead is alright but to fast for my taste.

In a zombie game, I want to survive the apokalypse in a open world game and not shoot myself through levels or have some limitations via time limit.

And zombies should only die via headshot
RE: Survival instinct - looks like shit!
I actually have a novel I'm writing, since I enjoy the zombie fiction genre a ton, which is based on the concept that the world is at the in-between stage between a zombie apocalypse and the zombie outbreak starting, but it's not exactly going in either direction. The world's stuck in a bloody meat-grinder of attrition between the living and the dead. Nations all over the world have infected populations, and the globe is marked by...

Hm, you know what, I'm gonna start a thread about this. Big Grin

I'mma post it in The Arts. If you like zombie fiction, lemme know what you think. The novel isn't even a tenth done and I'm still ruminating over concepts and ideas to add into it, so I could use the feedback.

Dead Island could have been a lot better, but it didn't feel very apocalyptic. Barely even felt like a survival kind of thing. It had all the right elements, it just came up short on survivalism. I kept hearing about how it was "Fallout meets Dead Rising," but it lacked the elements from both those games that made them fun. I liked the first Dead Rising. The second one...not nearly as much. To give you an idea; I got every single last achievement for Dead Rising. Even the one where you had to stay alive for seven days. Which meant playing the game FOR TWENTY HOURS STRAIGHT, NO SAVES ALLOWED, WHILE STAYING ALIVE, MANAGING HEALTH, AND AVOIDING ZOMBIES AND HOSTILE SURVIVORS ARMED WITH GUNS. Yeah. I did THAT.

I still haven't even gotten halfway through beating DR2, and I haven't even TOUCHED Off the Record, or as it should instead be titled, "Dead Rising 2: Frank West Replaces Chuck and we tossed in like three or four other differences and charged you $50 for the same fucking game lol"

Dead Rising was a good mix between horror and black comedy. Dead Rising 2 was mostly just black comedy, and not really very good comedy either, with no horror elements to it and too many fucking bright colors, terrible dialogue, a half-baked plot, and WAY too much hamfisting of EVERYTHING.

Dead Rising had a scene with a former Vietnam veteran Marine who whited out when his family was butchered by the zombies, who you have to kill because he's holding a bunch of people hostage under the psychological-break-induced delusion that he's back in Vietnam thinking they're Viet Cong officers. When you defeat him, he snaps out of it, tells you what happened, begs forgiveness then dies. That's some pretty deep, heavy shit. Dead Rising 2? I don't remember a single moment that even bothered TRYING to do that. Everything was just mustache-twirling evil and loony villains who just pissed me the fuck off and not in the way where I wanted to kill them, either, but more that they were obnoxiously written. My hate wasn't for THEM, it was for their creators.

L4D is fun. Yeah that's all I got. It's fun.

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