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Atheist group states, "No free presents"
Atheist group states, "No free presents"
Quote:More than 100 million children have benefited from Operation Christmas Child thanks to the generous donations of adults and children around the nation. Unfortunately, some children at the East Point Academy in Columbia, S.C. are being told they can no longer participate in giving gifts to other needy children in the world, according to a Nov. 17 Christian Post report. And it is all because one group believes that their belief system should trump that of anyone else's faith.

The American Humanist Association reportedly believes that human beings have the ability and responsibility to live ethical lives that "aspire to the greater good of humanity." But what that greater good of humanity is, exactly, is the question American children have for them now that the AHA is intervening and threatening two school districts this year for helping poor children have a good Christmas.

The AHA says they are upset about the planned participation of children at the East Point Academy in S.C., and SkyView Academy in Colorado, "because the purpose and effect of Operation Christmas Child is to induce impoverished children to convert to Christianity..."

“The man who can't visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot.”
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RE: Atheist group states, "No free presents"
Quote:But there has never been any reports that the Franklin Graham organization tries to force anyone to convert to Christianity when they deliver their free Christmas boxes to those in need around the world.

Franklin Graham is the son of that noted fuckwad Billy Graham and to those two god is a lucrative business scam....just like all these religious fucks.
RE: Atheist group states, "No free presents"
Um, the toy packages they send contain religious tracts and a pledge for children to sign which says they'll follow Jesus. If that's not getting people to convert to Chrsitianity, I don't know what is.

At any rate, I don't care if they want to send these packages, just don't get schools involved.
Christian apologetics is the art of rolling a dog turd in sugar and selling it as a donut.

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